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I'm an affiliate / publisher

We treat our affiliates like partners – and that’s why we refer to you as partners. Working with Unitix gets you access to hundreds of advertisers and marketers, thousands of top-performing offers, and patent-pending technology built just for you.

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Thriving on the success and growth of our clients we leverage advanced and innovative technology to connect businesses with prospective customers. Our objective is tangible results that increase your bottom line without the unbalanced costs of traditional advertising.

Why to become a Publisher at Unitix?

Unitix is a network focused on providing the best for its publishers, from customer service to top performing campaigns. We value all of our publisher relationships and are committed to maintaining long term relationships with each of our publishers, no matter the size of the company.

Unitix publishers receive

Top converting campaigns

Unitix Ads offers campaigns that perform. The campaigns are thoroughly tested internally before being placed on our network, and we provide support to help publishers send out top-performing campaigns. If there is a specific offer you need that is not available, please let us know and we’ll utilize our dedicated sales team to get it for you.

Dedicated publisher support

All publishers in the Unitix network – regardless of the size – are each assigned to a seasoned media buyer to provide all the support you need. The media buyer will work with you throughout the whole process to make sure you get the best creatives so you can get the best conversions.

Premium pricing with high conversions

Unitix provides premium pricing with strong and consistent conversion rates. We take razor thin margins to enable the publisher to generate the highest eCPM possible.

Quick payments

Unitix offers fast payouts to our publishers. We can pay via wire, ACH or PayPal.

The Advertiser Experience


UNITIX stays true to its mantra as a performance-based affiliate network: no set-up fees and no hidden charges, Advertisers pay only for actual quality results. Whether your performance metric is a sale, an install, a download, an e-mail submit, or any other real-time action, our diverse range of affiliates can provide the exact type of lead generation that your products thrive on.

Rather than just acting as a middleman like many other networks out there, we view UNITIX relationship with you to be all-encompassing. From providing interest-free capital outlays to help fund your campaigns, to having your own dedicated Account Manager work directly with you to help optimize your campaign, UNITIX goal is always on the smart and continued growth of your business. Let’s get started today!

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Traffic Types.

We Provide strong representation in a wide variety of traffic types.


Narrowly targeted audience from all major social media platforms quickly turn into engaged customers


Massive exposure on premium placements all over the web.


Demand-specific angles bring high-value prospects to your product.


The most user-friendly format gives an organic appeal to your advertising.


Multiple opportunities to reach your audience from rewarded video to interstitials.


Custom specialized lists help you address your potential customers issues directly and personally.

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